Saturday, 29 March 2014


The Drunken Druid's 2013 Book of the Year 

And The Winner Is  !! 

Congrats to Dean F. Wilson author of "The Call Of Agon

Action-packed and unforgettable "The Call of Agon" is a magical tale of good verses evil. Jam packed with verbal and visual treasures - you will enter a mystical, hybrid world of magic, monsters & magicians. 

In  2nd  place is "Love & The Goddess" by Mary Elizabeth Coen.
Hilarious and funny while other times emotional and heart-warming, this is a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

In  3rd  place in "Trading Poisons" by Angel Lepire. A story that is brutally honest when dealing with the world of addiction. Every page is filled with emotion & every chapter is filled with hope.