Thursday, 12 March 2015


Q: What is The Drunken Druids International Book Award™
A. This literary prize awarded each year for the best original full-length fictional novel.

Q.: I've written a book. Does my publisher have to submit it or can I do it myself?
A. You or your publisher may submit your book for consideration. 

Q: What is the minimum number of words required?
A. 30,000 words.

Q: My book is an e-book. Is this eligible for the award?
A. Yes. It can be sent via Amazon. We do not accept pdf's

Q: How is the Short-list of titles arrived at?
A. The Short-list is finalised in February, is a list of the 10 most eligible novels submitted that fit our criteria.

Q. How will I find out if I've won the award?
A. The Short-list (10 books) for the 2018 Book of the year will be announced on March 21st 2019.

The Short list will be made public on our Website, Facebook, Twitter etc on March 21st.

The Winner will be publicly announced on March 31st 2019.

Q: Where can the organisers of the Award be contacted?
A. Emails can be sent to dd-books @ hotmail . com

Q: This all sounds great, where do I enter?
A. You can enter by  Clicking Here